Enjoy your Guests and your Day

Curated furnishings set the mood for these newlyweds.
We help organize all types of events from milestone birthdays and dinners to casual gatherings with friends and families to social occasions with business associates and clients. 

40th Birthday Dinner with Out of Town Guests
50th Birthday: Paella Party Dining and Dancing Under the Stars
35th Birthday Luncheon with Chic Style

 40th Birthday: Surprise! Surfing Safari BBQ

75th Birthday: Semper Fi!

Graduation: College Send-off

 American Girls Tea Party



Milestone: Royal Tea Party

 Cowgirl Birthday

 Mediterranean Night

 Chanel No. 35 Surprise Party

Barbie-inspired Party 

Safari Party

Diva Spa Party

Nightowl Slumber Party

Madeline-theme First Birthday

40th Birthday Celebration

Surfin Safari
 Private Residence Party


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We love the details, big and small.   Zperfect Party can handle every aspect of your event or a small part of it.