Have Your Cake and Eat it too!

Dessert Table for Graduation Party

Bridal Shower Fun in Carlsbad

Set your self-serve bar in style.
How can we help you? From menu selection to location options or a party in your own home, we are here to assist you with whatever you need.
Who can resist beautiful Cannoli?

Island-style catering menu beautifully presented.
Unlike a caterer, we are not married to one menu, limited options or pushing our favorite foods. Our events are all about YOUR preferences and finding the right provider to meet your tastes. Zperfect Party can help you choose a location, plan your menu and find the best source to meet your culinary needs and your budget.

  Enjoy the variety of foods served at some of our events.
Paella Party: Bring in the chefs. There's nothing like the aroma of food being cooked on site.
Meat and cheese platter to match wine pairings.

Graduation Party with Mediterranean cuisine.

First birthday themed-dessert table

Desserts-dressed up  in style.


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